What uncommon things do we want to become common?

Things like:
our children having mutual love and respect for each other.
our teenage children having love, honor, respect and obedience for their parents.
us continually becoming better friends and lovers.
our family totally trusting God in all things and putting our faith in Him to fulfill his promises.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Samantha and Roman's First Play Day!

By Chelsa

Saturday night we drove to Hawley to watch Samantha participate in her first ever Play Day. It was special because both sides of the family were in town to see it and everyone was excited to be there to support Samantha. The parents and grandparents enjoyed watching her fulfill her dream of riding Roman in a race. The boys spent the evening climbing back and forth over the pipe fencing while rooting on their sister and trying not to knock Granny off the top rail where she was perched to get a better view. Sierra tossed the football with Creg and Gramps between races.

Samantha participated in two events: The Flag Race and The Goat Ribbon Pull. In the Flag Race you sprint your horse to the other end of the arena, run around a barrel which has a flag sticking out the top, grab the flag and sprint back to the starting line. She made it to the semi-finals and had the 2nd best run. In the Goat Ribbon Pull she won first place! Here's what you do: First you sprint your horse up to a goat that is tethered to a 6 ft. rope (it has room to run around a bit), jump off your horse, run to the goat which has a ribbon tied onto it's tail, pull off the ribbon, and run with the ribbon to the finish line. She had a time of 11. 39 seconds which was better than any other time in any age group. She was nervous at the beginning, but handled it like a pro. You would have never known it was her first Play Day. Way to go Samantha!!

P.S. Our thanks to Robert and Georgeanne Cole who encouraged Samantha to participate and even came by with their trailer to pick up Roman!


  1. What an exciting time for everyone, and she looks so happy in the picture with her blue ribbon! Good times!

  2. Good job Samantha!!! Gramps & Nana

  3. How wonderful!! I love the picture of Samantha riding her horse so quickly that her beautiful, long blond hair is flowing out behind her. :) I'm so glad her first competition was such a success!

    By the way, Chelsa, you are an excellent writer!

  4. So nice to see the pictures and article. Great job Samantha! We will look forward to seeing more of this. Phil and Betty Lou Rine