What uncommon things do we want to become common?

Things like:
our children having mutual love and respect for each other.
our teenage children having love, honor, respect and obedience for their parents.
us continually becoming better friends and lovers.
our family totally trusting God in all things and putting our faith in Him to fulfill his promises.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peaches and Cream

By Chelsa
We just missed the birth! Milkshake, our family milk goat, had her babies today. Samantha and I knew she would have them today or tomorrow. Our friend Sara Dantzler, the goat expert, showed us a way to tell when the babies are due. If you squeeze the top of her tail usually your fingers can't touch, but if they can touch underneath, then she is within 24 hours of delivery. Samantha noticed her milk bag was quite large so we squeezed her tail. And sure enough our fingers touched. We separated Milkshake from the other goats and put her in the corral where she could have some peace and quiet. Samantha went out to check on her every 30 minutes or so to see if there were any babies. Of course the one time she waited almost an hour was when she had them. Samantha discovered them first and yelled for us to come and see. They are sooo cute!!! She decided to name them Peaches and Cream.

After Milkshake licked them clean we took the babies away. Since we want to use the milk for our own use too, we don't let the babies nurse. We keep them in a separate pen away from Milkshake until they are weaned, about 3 months. But we do milk the goat twice a day and pour her milk into baby bottles and feed it to Peaches and Cream. After the 3 months are up, we can put the babies in the pasture with Milkshake confident that our milk is safe. They will not nurse her because they don't know where it comes from.

When we milked her for the first time her milk looked like lemon pudding. It was so weird to watch it come out so thick and yellow. That was the colostrum that is so good for the babies to drink to keep them healthy.

Bottle feeding the babies is so much fun and it makes the baby goats super tame and gentle. They follow us around like puppies. Baby goats are about the cutest thing ever....until they grow up. Then you wonder why you ever got goats in the first place. Hopefully this year our fences will keep them out of my flower beds, grape vines, and garden.

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