What uncommon things do we want to become common?

Things like:
our children having mutual love and respect for each other.
our teenage children having love, honor, respect and obedience for their parents.
us continually becoming better friends and lovers.
our family totally trusting God in all things and putting our faith in Him to fulfill his promises.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

God's Promise of Rainbows & Fruit

By Creg
This was taken after a recent storm north of our property. We weren't able to find the pot o' gold.

 A rainbow is sunlight shining through drops of rain. The different colors in the rainbow depend on the position of the rain drop as it falls & reflects the sun. That's how the fruits of the Spirit work in our lives as we live life in a variety of positions. As our life (the raindrop) circumstances change, the Holy Spirit (the sun) will provide the light (love) that colors (virtues) our lives in a variety of ways. When we are in a chaotic situation the Spirit brings peace, when someone does us wrong the Spirit brings self-control, when our world gets rocked the Spirit shows faithfulness. Remember it's the fruit of the Spirit, not the fruit of you.

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